Substack sounds like the perfect platform for your writing, John! Looking forward to reading your articles :-)

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Hey man! I learnt a lot from you when you were writing about the broad topics (e.g. when you wrote about experimenting, psychology, stress, sex, and so on). I learnt general principles around those topics.

Your fitness articles were good, and not just good, but great, but I personally needed your coaching to get through those (esp. the one about quitting caffeine without symptoms and the macronutrient experiment). I had initially done the macronutrient experiment all wrong and had to re-do it after you suggested me to repeat it, which wouldn't have happened without your coaching. And you had one article about morning routine which I couldn't get.

I enjoyed doing the energy journal that you once sent out to your mailing list long time back. Enjoyed listening to the podcasts you did, and I was eyeing one of your courses too.

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Oh man! So excited for this! Always loved your work from finding you on Medium and still have a podcast sitting (that's still relevant as it's mostly Evergreen) that I will be releasing soon. I did a shift in my brand focus and now will be releasing older stuff over the coming months that wasn't quite in alignment.

Looking forward to reading your writings. Again, big fan and thanks for coming on my podcast!

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