Here’s what this newsletter is all about

Long ago, this started out as a blog about health and fitness, which I used to promote my online personal training business. It has, to say the least, changed a lot since then.

Here’s what this blog is all about:

  • I love to read, and I love to learn. I like writing, sometimes, although I wouldn’t say I love it. Mostly, I write in order to make productive use of the things I’m reading and learning.

  • I write about whatever I’m interested in and feel like I can write a good article about. This can make my blog feel pretty unfocused, but I find that works for me–it keeps me motivated to write and makes it easier to come up with interesting ideas for articles.

  • I am a techno-optimist. I think technology has mostly made people’s lives better, and will continue to do see for the foreseeable future.

  • I place high premiums on rationality and honesty. I think it is vital for people to see the world as it is, tell the truth, and form their beliefs by carefully weighing all available evidence. People use information to make decisions, and since people almost always want to do things that make their own lives better– and usually want to do what’s best for society as well– the world is consistently better off when the truth prevails.

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I write about health, science, AI, public policy, and self-improvement. But mostly I write about the places where those things intersect.